"Safeguarding Tomorrow: Elevate Building Safety with Cutting-Edge Software and QR Technology."

Elevate Safety Standards and Reduce Risks with Leading QR Technology

Revolutionising Asset Management with QR Codes! Streamline updates, management, and historical records of your assets with lightning speed

Improved Asset Visibility and Control

No matter your industry – construction, civil engineering, oil and gas, or manufacturing – Assettagged.com empowers you with seamless access to compliance records, inspections, audit logs and operator checklists. Harness the cutting edge QR code technology for your digital transformation.

Say good-bye to excel and spreadsheet chaos and gain visability over your company assets.

  • Eliminate Hardcopy Checklists
  • Access Asset information on the Go
  • Locate Assets Last Location
  • Gain instant Visability over Assets
  • Report Hazards Instantly
  • Full Dashboard Reporting
  • Get Notifications and updates

“The level of communication, training and interaction during this period has been exceptional to ensure the system is catered to our needs and is user friendly.”

Stuart Midgley – Plant Manager Balfour Beatty Hinkley Point C

Snap it

Take a picture of the asset and add it to register

Tag it

A unique QR code will be generated to identify the asset and all the information you need.

Track it

Instantly update the asset history and last location and record visual inspections, operator checks and damaged reports.


Supporting businesses with inspection planning, visual inspections and incident reporting.

Every year industry workers sustain injury at work. Many incidents involve workplace equipment and some as a direct result of work equipment that is not deemed fit for use.

One of the biggest challenges industry faces is managing the thousands of assets that are used daily. Work inspections, maintenance, repair and hazards are all vital to record, but effectively recording them has been a real challenge until now. 

Using AssetTagged and QR codes you can instantly update work equipment status using your mobile device.

Mobile uploads of regular equipment inspections.

Easy inspection planning complete with automated reminder emails.

Fully customisable work equipment inspections.

Visual inspections on-the-move using your mobile device using your own company template.

Auto-generate QR codes that do away with paper-based record keeping.

Auto-generated reports and audit trails delivered at regular intervals via email.

Assettagged helps companies manage all of these whilst providing immediate access to business-critical information. It makes collaboration and sharing findings between teams far easier.


Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry operates in high-risk environments where safety is paramount. Assettagged's software enables efficient tracking and management of critical assets, such as drilling equipment, pipelines, and safety gear. By ensuring that equipment is regularly inspected and maintained, businesses in the oil and gas sector can minimize the risk of accidents and ensure compliance with industry regulations.


Construction sites and scaffolding operations involve numerous critical assets that require regular inspections and maintenance. Assettagged's software simplifies the management of construction equipment and scaffolding components, ensuring compliance with safety regulations. By providing a user-friendly platform for inspections, maintenance, and reporting, Assettagged helps construction companies maintain a safe working environment.


The shipping industry relies heavily on various assets, including containers, cargo handling equipment, and safety gear. Assettagged's solution helps streamline asset management, ensuring that equipment is in optimal condition for safe and efficient operations. By leveraging the power of QR codes, shipping companies can easily track and update the status of their assets, mitigating the risk of equipment failure and accidents.

Vehicle Checks

QR codes and asset management software allows for quick tracking and identification of vehicles and their maintenance records. This enables better information maintenance for the fleet, leading to better safety and decreased chances of errors involving faulty parts, tools, or safety compliance

Pressurised Hose Identification

Gone are the days of manually recording inspection data on paper. Assettagged facilitates mobile uploads of regular equipment inspections, enabling users to update pressurised hoses and pneumatic equipment statuses instantly. By leveraging the convenience of mobile devices, businesses can streamline the inspection process, reduce paperwork, and ensure accurate and up-to-date inspection records.

Lifting & Construction Equipment

With the help of asset management software, items used in construction sites, such as safety gear, harnesses and fall protection equipment can be properly tracked, reducing the chances of any crucial safety equipment being lost or damaged.

Hardware & IT Assets

In the digital age, businesses heavily rely on hardware and IT assets to operate effectively. Assettagged's software offers a comprehensive solution for managing hardware assets, including computers, servers, and networking equipment. By maintaining an accurate inventory and tracking the condition of these assets, businesses can optimize their IT operations and reduce downtime.

Fall Protection & Height Safety

Fall Arrest and Work at Height: Asset management software helps organisations to better manage their fall arrest and work at height systems. This software also helps to identify any safety issues in advance, such as out-of-date equipment, and helps to quickly identify any faulty pieces of gear that need to be replaced before they become a serious safety hazard


The use of QR codes and RFID chips in the renewable energy industry can help improve safety and asset management. QR codes can be scanned to quickly identify parts and components, as well as obtain critical safety and performance data specific to the renewable energy industry.

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