The Smarter Way to Keep Track of Safety Critical Assets

Improving safety performance with Assettagged

Our platform allows you to instantly update work equipment statuses using a mobile device. Simply snap it, tag it, track it.

Identify every piece of equipment using auto generated QR codes.

Our onsite tagging service will get you up and running quicker.

Snap it

Using a mobile device, take a picture of the asset and add it to the Assettagged asset register.

Tag it

A unique QR code will be generated that identifies the asset and all the information held about the item.

Track it

Users can instantly update the asset history and record visual inspections, take photos of damaged equipment and report incidents.


Supporting businesses with inspection planning, visual inspections and incident reporting.

Every year industry workers sustain injury at work. Many incidents involve workplace equipment and some as a direct result of work equipment that is not deemed fit for use.

One of the biggest challenges industry faces is managing the thousands of assets that are used daily. Work inspections, maintenance, repair and hazards are all vital to record, but effectively recording them has been a real challenge until now. 

Using Assettagged and QR codes you can instantly update work equipment status using your mobile device.

Mobile uploads of regular equipment inspections.

Easy inspection planning complete with automated reminder emails.

Fully customisable work equipment inspections.

Visual inspections on-the-move using your mobile device using your own company template.

Auto-generate QR codes that do away with paper-based record keeping.

Auto-generated reports and audit trails delivered at regular intervals via email.

Assettagged helps companies manage all of these whilst providing immediate access to business-critical information. It makes collaboration and sharing findings between teams far easier.


Oil and Gas



Vehicle Checks

Lifting & Construction Equipment

Hose Identification

Hardware & IT Assets

Fall Protection & Height Safety


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