Assettagged will streamline the planning and scheduling of tasks

Easy Access to Fire Safety Asset Information

The fire risk management world is quickly changing, and it's important to be up-to-date on the latest solutions.

One of the best ways to add value to your fire risk management strategy is to incorporate QR codes and asset management software.Don't wait any longer - adopt these solutions today and take your fire risk management to the next level!

  • Providing rapid access to Call Point inspections. 
  • Access service and maintenance history. 
  • Plan daily, weekly and monthly fire checks.
  • Provide rapid tagging of fire assets using auto-generated QR codes. 
  • Assign work tasks to users and share the workload. 
  • Streamline fire safety audits and meet legal compliance.
  • Report defective fir doors or equipment. 
  • Improve legal compliance and statutory inspection records. 
  • Improve planned preventative maintenance logs (PPM).

Use Mobile Devices to Access Data on The Go

Our platform can be accessed in the field on any smartphone or tablet (internet access is required) using easy to use software. Scan the asset’s QR codes to instantly access workplace inspection templates and the location of work equipment. 

Assettagged sends planned inspections to your mobile allowing you to access safety information and risk assessments on the move. 

  • Record the date and time stamps when each asset is visually inspected or maintained. 
  • Report equipment defects or damage. 
  • Allow staff to share and update information. 
  • Use our team of asset taggers to help train staff and tag assets. 
  • Designed for all industry sectors, large or small. 
  • Take control of assets and assign asset owners. 
  • Estimate asset value and speed up insurance claims. 

Our Range Of ‘Plugins’ Apps Will Help You Manage Equipment Inspections

Our platform is fully customisable, and we have various plugin power apps to help you get the most from our software. Allowing you to ‘build’ your own platform. 

  • Remove the need for paper-based audit reports. 
  • Attach audit evidence on the move.
  • Raise non-conformities and corrective actions.
  • Instantly access asset history on the move.
  • Merge safety audits and ISO audits using a single platform.
  • Manage safety and environmental compliance.
  • Conduct dynamic fire risk assessments following PASS79.
  • Assign assets to vehicles, locations and workers.
  • Full audit log reporting developed by qualified lead auditors.

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