Discover How Asset Management Software, QR Codes, and RFIDs are Revolutionizing Quality Assurance in the Manufacturing Industry

The combination of asset management software along with QR code and RFID chips is revolutionizing quality assurance checks in the manufacturing and medical device industries.

(RFID) chips, is quickly becoming an important technology in quality assurance in the manufacturing and medical device industries. From cost and time savings to ensuring product conformity and safety, manufacturers are increasingly relying on this highly-efficient method to monitor and track their products.

Manufacturers can significantly reduce the cost and time of fault mode analysis (FMA’s) and route cause investigations accurately using the QR code and RFID chip technologies.

Combined with the use of cloud based asset management software manufacturers can seamlessly track asset status and movements during every phase of the production process as well as provide comprehensive reports and data for level 2 and level 3 (in case of medical device) inspections.

These technologies also allow manufacturers to easily follow their product’s entire life cycle, further demonstrating a commitment to safety and quality, through cradle to grave.

Once a product has been inspected and has been found to meet the stringent quality assurance checks, PuWER and UKCA, the customer and stakeholders can be sure that the products meet safety and quality standards.

At the same time, service engineers can update service repair reports, calibration settings that can be easily recorded. Instruction and operator manuals can also be stored, all from the same platform.

This allows manufacturers to monitor the entire life of products and optimize the resources available to them. In the end, this integration of technology into a streamlined asset management platform is quickly becoming a game-changer for manufacturers that need to remain competitive and ensure compliance in the highly regulated markets.

The future of quality assurance looks to be highly automated, simple, and robust.

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